Time for (blog) retirement?

Hi Folks,

I'm very seriously thinking of closing this blog. This one started in 2005, following some experimentation in late 2004 after hearing Adriana Lukas speak on the subject at a conference. As a writer for Information World Review at the time, I had to try and understand this new world.

In my very first post I said I wouldn't "feed the beast" in pursuit of rankings and, rightly or wrongly, I stuck to that principle. If I don't think I can inform or entertain you, then I don't bother.

Now, the posts are few and far between and, as a precaution (against tuture regrets), I have made backups of this blog and the one I ran for Guy Kewney before he died and for tributes after he passed away.

Other places seem more appropriate for my efforts these days. I add selected useful stuff to my tebbo.com website as I discover it and I still write on interesting topics in various publications – sometimes anonymously. I occasionally speak up on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. And Alison O'Leary quizzed me on Business Writing and Media Handling in a bunch of useful YouTube videos.

The question for my (very few?) readers is therefore, "Can you think of a single good reason to keep this blog going?" No need to respond if your answer is "no".

I'll just say, "Thank you for visiting and maybe see you in another place."

Kind regards,

David Tebbutt.


2 thoughts on “Time for (blog) retirement?

  1. Well, I like the fact that you are in my feed reader, and therefore when you write something I get to know about it immediately. I still think RSS is a wonderful idea.

  2. I agree about RSS, for sure. In fact, I recently used Inoreader for a while. This link will always show my recent stuff: http://www.inoreader.com/bundle/0014cd636a34
    I’m still trying to figure out how to make it an RSS feed.
    Life was easier when Yahoo! Pipes was alive. I used to gather everything there and publish it as an RSS feed.
    I’m still thinking I won’t post here any more, but keep the feed for now. I may change my mind.
    Thanks for responding Andy.

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