Another giant:

A final thank you (not really belated, I found them after the previous post) to

A flaw in my HTML mark-up was causing some screen elements to misalign on a few devices. Nothing really serious, it was just that the third column on the people page dropped on some of the less popular browsers.

cocoate's explanation of the 960-grid mechanisms was wonderfully clear.

Thank you folks. Or should I say "Merci bien mes amis"?

2 thoughts on “Another giant:

  1. De rien!
    … no, wait, I’ve done nothing for which you should be thanking me…
    Just wanted to say ‘Hi’. Opened Brainstorm ( free plug: ) again for the first time in a long time, happily noted that it works fine in Windoze 8.1, then noted that my licence will expire in 2037, wondered why, went to the user forum (which at first glance seems empty) seeking info… and that led me here.
    You’ve probably forgotten all about me. Most wise; I try to do the same, myself.
    This site looks interesting. Must figure out how to ‘follow’ it before I go.
    Happy Midwinter Festival!
    PS sorry to see that Brainstorm didn’t make you the mint it should have.

  2. Hi Colin, Your name rings a loud bell. I even have a picture of you in my mind, but maybe that’s someone else. (It probably is, if we’ve never met/shared pix.)
    Anyway, good to hear from you.
    The 2037 licence idea was probably our undoing. We had no revenue stream after a while to fund improvements. Some years ago we sold BrainStorm lock stock and barrel to an American who is still working on a wondrous reincarnation.
    Meanwhile Marck and I still use BrainStorm daily. For me it’s been the weapon of choice in attacking all the multifarious projects I get involved in.
    You won’t see many posts from me here. Mostly I can’t figure out what I might know that others don’t and I don’t want to add to the pollution of the social web. We have enough claims on our attention without me adding one. If I can deliver (what I consider to be) original value, then I’ll have a bash.
    Have a good one and best wishes for the future.
    PS Dragged up an email archive from nine years ago and saw you wrote to me 58 times. No wonder your name was familiar. Flicking through, you gave us some terrific feedback and advice. Sad that we didn’t/couldn’t act on some of it. Sorry.

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