Why this blog has gone quiet

In December 2010, I wrote a blog post called "The Last Post?". Since then, I've been so busy helping two start-ups, that I barely lift my head above the parapet for my own social media. But I do blog, Tweet and post to Facebook occasionally, if I feel something is worth sharing.

The two startups are Blue & Green Tomorrow, which started life as a "Use your money to make the world a better place" magazine and 6Connex emea which provides a virtual conference, exhibition, meeting, training and collaboration service.

The first kept me busy as launch editor from July 2010 to May 2011 and I joined the second in June 2011.

Blue & Green Tomorrow continues as an online publication under the same publisher, but with a new team, while 6Connex emea will make its official debut in January 2012. (The team has been working with customers and prospects 'under the radar' since it was formed in 2010 as Big Ideas Inc.)

So there you are, if you've come to my blog expecting frequent and interesting new posts, I'm afraid that's not going to happen. But if you subscribe to the RSS feed, then if I do burst into print on my own account, you'll be the first to hear about it.

Update (24/12/2015): I’ve moved the blog off Typepad to here.

Thank you for reading this far.


2 thoughts on “Why this blog has gone quiet

  1. FeedDemon was wrong to consider this feed dead, just in need of a little resuscitation. 6Connex sounds interesting, look forward to watching developments.On a more serious note, it’s always a shame when good writers don’t blog – you used to be in my ‘Must Read’ folder.

  2. Hello Stuart. Thank you for your kind remarks. I didn’t know FeedDemon had considered this blog dead, but I can’t say I blame it. Sparse isn’t the word for it. Truth is, I don’t want to add to the noise and general information overload out there.
    Unless I find myself with a genuine insight or am in a position to share something that no-one else has, then I’m reluctant to blog. Occasionally I waver and publish something that is rather self-serving, either for myself or one of my clients. I still try and make it a value-adding post though.
    In the old days, when I was a regular columnist, life was a little different. I could use the columns to inform, educate or entertain. These days, with people being assailed in all directions from blogs, online commentary, Tweets and other social posts, there’s no shortage of sources and those sources probably know a lot more than me about most things, including my pet subjects.
    Maybe as 2012 unfolds, I will get the urge to blog here again. Who knows? But, for the past twelve months and for the forseeable future, I have been expending most of my creative energies in the service of others. Hence the post that you so kindly responded to.
    Thanks again Stuart.

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