I am alive, unlike my poor namesake

My phone has been ringing off the hook (well, it would be if it had a hook). And I see my blog has suddenly become very popular.

This is because an unfortunate man called David Tebbutt and his wife Judith were attacked by bandits  in Kenya last night. The man was killed and the wife abducted.

It's been interesting to have conversations with a media that needed considerable persuasion that I was not the person who was killed. (I think they wanted to run my picture with the story.)

And I apologise for any erstwhile colleagues who got caught up in this. It's touching that they reached out to check if I was okay. Thanks folks,

Now, let's just think of the poor man who was killed, his wife who was abducted and the family whose lives must now be in utter turmoil.

4 thoughts on “I am alive, unlike my poor namesake

  1. phew. well, the news certainly worried me. and then relief. and then sadness for the other DT. and then determination to acknowledge with my DT that I had thought of him.

  2. Very kind of you Stuart. I don’t suppose you fancy a lunch some time? It’s been a while, to say the least. I’m still at the usual email address. Nice to hear from you. Give Matthew my regards.

  3. Hi Michael, Thanks for the note. Dunno if I’m inveterate, travel-wise, but I was lucky enough to travel extensively in Europe (including Canary Islands and Madeira), USA, Canada, Caribbean and even a couple of business trips to Singapore and one to Nigeria …
    Now I work on helping people virtualise a lot of their business travel.

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