A new beginning

You may have arrived here because you’ve heard about changes in my life. If not, then I hope the few words that follow won’t bore you too much. I’ll be resuming my ‘old style’ blogging fairly soon.

Since September 2007, I have been working with an excellent bunch of people at Freeform Dynamics. My blogs, columns, features and other writings (all 230 of them) have been produced with this backdrop in mind. Earlier this week we finally realised that, despite the very best efforts by all concerned, we were still marching to slightly different drummers and it was time to move on.

Hopefully, our time together has delivered value from me to Freeform. It has certainly delivered value to me, not least because of the ‘real world’ insights that I’ve gained from the research and analysis work.

While at Freeform, I sold Brainstorm Software and the Press Here media skills training domain name to American companies. This was part of my effort to minimise distractions from Freeform work, although I continued to do some training work. I just didn’t actively seek new customers. I also kept up my column at Information World Review and wrote the occasional feature for it.

While my new plans aren’t fully evolved, I do know what I am good at and what I want to do. While at Freeform, my focus was on collaboration and environmental sustainability, especially where they  could be supported by IT. These are still my ‘specialist subjects’ although I think the balance will probably tilt more towards the human side and away from the sustainability side. Plenty of people who weren’t at all interested in sustainability a few years ago (when I was) are now on what looks like something of a bandwagon. No, it’s worse than that – for many, the greenhouse gas aspect has become a whole new religion. I am much more likely to work behind the scenes, helping companies with good intentions, than standing on any platform adding my small signal to the considerable noise out there.

So, where next? Answers: writing (Of course. It’s like breathing to me.); training people to handle the press and other media; editing and polishing, in the sense of helping people/companies to effectively articulate their knowledge. While at Freeform, I had the good fortune to be involved in the writing of a number of mini-books as well as helping colleagues with their own writing skills. In these busy times, the mini-book format is a great way of concentrating the minds of the authors and delivering rapid understanding to the reader.

I think that will do for now, by way of scene-setting. My non-work life will centre around my immediate family: wife, three children, five grandchildren, a dog and a mother-in-law. And, of course, my business colleagues, friends and more distant relatives.

I’m on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook if you need to dig around a bit and my home website is tebbo.com. I have a couple of messy/embryonic ones at mini-books.co.uk and greybeards.co.uk.

The fastest ways to reach me are the business line (it diverts to the mobile when I’m out and about) and my tebbo.com email. Both are on my home page.

Onwards and upwards, as they say.

9 thoughts on “A new beginning

  1. One small step for Tebbo. One giant leap for … er … crap analogies?
    I await with interest to see what lies ahead for Mr T, least of all, I suspect a slap round the chops will be forthcoming from the mother-in-law if she ever finds out you listed her after the dog 😉

  2. We’re both waiting with interest then. Fortunately, I’ve had a few serious conversations in the past couple of days. As for mother-in-law: well, let’s hope she doesn’t read my blog.

  3. All the best for 2010 and Beyond David; it’s always great to read whatever you write! Who knows, there may be an opportunity for collaboration eventually, as continent drift brings the UK closer to mainland Europe 🙂

  4. Hi Alexander. Thanks for the note and the good wishes. Collaboration sounds good to me, especially given a lot of our common background and interests. If I can add value in the writing/editing department just let me know. I’m guessing that you’d not be up for media skills training. But maybe you know some people who need it?
    Talk soon. And thanks again.

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