Freeform Dynamics snares Tebbo

Well, it’s in the open. I am teaming up with Freeform Dynamics. Here’s what I wrote to my nearest and dearest:

After a lot of discussion and thought, I am joining the Freeform Dynamics team and this will be my primary role in life, although I shall continue with my writing and training commitments wherever they fit comfortably with my new role. (And, so far, that means everywhere.)

Why have I done it? Primarily because I like the team and I like the work they do and the way they operate. We are very harmonious in our values and our outlooks.

Freeform Dynamics is a research and analysis firm rooted in the hard reality of properly conducted research. And it is this solid, fact-based, approach that appeals so much.

I reproduce, below, the official blog post on the subject:


David Tebbutt comes out

There has been an ongoing debate in analyst relations (AR) circles
(i.e. among the people who manage industry analyst relations on behalf
of IT vendors) about what exactly constitutes an analyst. The emergence
of expert bloggers has particularly confused things — people who
investigate like analysts, think like analysts, write like analysts,
but don't actually call themselves analysts.

This is something
that SAP has caught onto with its 'blogger relations' programme, which
AFAIK, was the first of its kind in the industry from a major vendor.
AR thought leaders like Barbara French, Jonny Bentwood and David Rossiter
have also acknowledged that boundaries are becoming a bit fuzzy, which
has led to tentative talk of ideas such as 'Influencer Relations'.

Those who know us at Freeform Dynamics will be aware that we actively challenge boundaries and 'labels'
ourselves as part of what we do, which is one of the reasons for the
'Freeform' part of our name. All of our analysts maintain a broad
perspective and indeed much of our work is at the points where
traditional boundaries are looking less and less relevant over time.

by the same token, if you want to call us analysts, market researchers,
consultants, misfits or anything else, we don't really care that much.
We even do some stuff which on occasions looks a bit like journalism.
The important thing from our perspective is driving understanding,
objectivity and harmony into the dealings between IT professionals and
business people, IT vendors and their customers, and generally people
and technology, based on solid market intelligence and a down to earth
approach to figuring out what it all means in practical terms. We'll
continue to use whatever means are most effective to achieve this.

brings me on to the latest addition to the Freeform family. Against the
above background, we are really chuffed to have one of the most well
respected commentators and forward thinkers on the IT industry come to
join us — David Tebbutt.

may know David as a journalist, others as a trainer, yet more as
software publisher or enterprise consultant. Those with an interest in
the enterprise aspects of social computing might know him for his
expertise in this area in particular, where he has been operating at
the forefront of activity for a number of years now with a pragmatic
approach that is very akin to the way we do things at Freeform. Beyond
this, his behind-the-scenes work on sustainable development with a
major public body, which predated the current hysteria on the subject,
places him in a position of authority with respect to the important
‘greening of IT’ agenda.

Truth is, much of what David has been
doing over his career, particularly in recent times, can best be
described as industry analysis if you use the generally accepted view
of what that means. And what's really interesting is that when we sat
down to work through what David would be doing with us, it was pretty
clear that not much would change in terms of his approach to
investigating the market, writing style, consulting style, and so on.
In fact, we are looking forward to David helping us to change and
develop ourselves in some areas, such as the delivery of training
services (watch this space) and the increasing use of social media to
improve the way we communicate even further.

So, after working as a 'closet analyst' for so long, David is coming out, and the whole team here, Jon, Helen, Martin, Joyce, Tony and myself, are looking forward to welcoming him into the fold.

And, if you want the official bio, it’s on the team page

This blog will continue, as will my others at Information World Review and SmallBizPod, but I’m not yet sure quite what the emphasis will be.

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