In case you cared…

Getting to a proper broadband connection has been hit and miss since I moved house. The reason is because it’s being decorated and refitted and we’re hiding most of the time in a static caravan in Sussex.

I’ve kept the blogs going at Information World Review and SmallBizPod and, to a lesser extent, at thinkerlog. And, of course, have continued to submit features and columns as usual. My personal web page lists recent online stuff or you can pick up the RSS feed.

Give me another couple of weeks and I’ll be back. I’ll tell you about the new website I’ve set up and why. And generally just get back into the swing of things.

I might even tell you why I’m exceedingly chuffed with the name of the road I’ve moved to – it is perfect for someone who writes columns and blogs.

3 thoughts on “In case you cared…

  1. Deadline Drive? Scoop Street? Para Parkway? UB40 Fields? Weekly Way? Broadband Boulevard?
    Or my personal favorite: Lede Lane?
    Inquiring minds (and other slackers) need to know.

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