Social Computing in more than 22 seconds

After the earlier discussion about whether to put my presentation online, I’ve done a half-way house thing.

Rather than having to listen to me speaking over the slides, I thought I’d put my slides and notes on Flickr.


Unlike this snail (taken from the presentation), you can zip through at whatever speed you like or pick out the pages of most interest.

If you’re unused to Flickr, move your mouse pointer to the top or bottom of the image to access the controls.

Feedback is very welcome. You know where to find me.

P.S. Before anyone says anything, my apologies for not hiding the cursor on some of the pix.

2 thoughts on “Social Computing in more than 22 seconds

  1. To the Flickr slide set: one person was amazed at the controls. I pointed out that they were Flickr’s not mine. A few people like the image approach very much, rather than the textual slides. But without notes, I guess it just acts as a memory-jogger for what human communication is about.

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