Google vs other search engines

I was trawling through a website log file analysis this morning and I spotted a set of figures I’d never noticed before: the number of hits from various search engines. We all know Google dominates, but have you ever wondered to what degree? Look at this:


AW Stats was the analysis program – it tracks 120 search engines. BrainStorm was the site being analysed (disclosure: it’s my mad hobby.)

One thought on “Google vs other search engines

  1. Wow! Them’s big numbers!
    It prompts two thoughts: first is monopoly, second is standards.
    Intersting to me that our national economic policy is still based on fostering competition; while it makes sense in some areas, it also seems lame-brained on occasion when put up against fast-moving technologies.
    Microsoft is a good test-case here; it seems lumbering and arrogant and slow to innovate; on the other hand, who the hell wants to separately load up music players and web browsers and keep track of versions of all to integrate with each other?
    Google seems a lot more cutting edge now, maybe it’s not as good an example.

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