Second Life and end-user programming

I delivered a Second Life article to Information World Review. Full of illustrative pictures. I expect it looks wonderful in print, except I haven’t got my copy yet. Maybe it’s languishing at the (rarely visited thanks to broadband at home) office.

It’s not online at IWR either, but I expect that will change soon. What surprised me is that it appeared in IT Week. I guess my contract allows them to do that. Have to check. But no pix. I bet that’s interesting – reading 2000 words online. Hmmmm.

And I delivered it on 13 January. I guess I was ahead of the deadline. I’ve certainly moved on. Barely been in Second Life since filing the piece. Moved on to widgets. And then moved on again. RSS as it happens, but that’s not going to be published for a while. Now it’s back to widgets.

I see my column on widgets has turned up. It talks about Yahoo! Pipes and how SAP person, Craig Cmehill is using the service. Also Teqlo and IBM’s QEDwiki get mentions, all as part of the move to user-enabled-programming.

And that’s where I am right now. Actually trying to get some decent results out of some of these user mashup tools. So I might go quiet again…

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