JP to become BT’s CIO

JP Rangaswami is one of the most thoughtful people I’ve encountered in the blogosphere. Sometimes his meanderings leave me irritated and baffled. At other times they are like a laser beam cutting through the hyperbole that exists in the marketplace today. He’s a must-read, regardless.

Since he explained his move from the CIO role at DrKW, I have utterly failed to understand what he does. That is probably a limitation of my own intellect.

But now he’s gone and done something I do understand. He’s returning to his CIO role but, this time, at BT Global Services. That sounds like a cracking job to me.

Good luck with it JP. (Now I can see why we won’t be seeing you at Office 2.0!)

Let me leave you with a thought from the man’s blog. It gives you an idea of where he’s coming from and why it would be worth tracking him:

"I believe that it is only a matter of time before enterprise software
consists of only four types of application: publishing, search,
fulfilment and conversation."

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