Blog comments are not posts

There’s a bit of a fuss going on in US politics. You can read the details at Scott Rosenberg’s Wordyard. The alarming aspect is that Bill Clinton’s ex-lawyer has angrily pointed the finger at bloggers. He can’t (or doesn’t want to) distinguish between bloggers and commenters. Here’s an extract from Scott’s post:

…he cites a list of five examples of "the type of thing the liberal
blog sites have been posting about Joe Lieberman" — "emotional
outbursts by these usually anonymous bloggers."

However, every single one of his examples is actually a comment
on someone’s blog …

… They’re not "things" the "liberal blog
sites" have been "posting"; they’re things various random passersby
have posted.

One thought on “Blog comments are not posts

  1. Not surprised. ANY stinging remark is hard for the corporates to wear. Commenters, of course, are like little teams. Build them the right way and a team can tackle the discomfort of any corporate. Especially when they are nimble, geographically wide-spread, blog commenters! In fact, here’s an idea that’s just ocuring to me as I write, the blogosphere should be offering team building programs for blog commenters. Perhaps it already does! Strong, mobile teams of commenters, harassing and exposing the lumbering corporate — don’t you just LOVE this!

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