Okay Grazr, you win!

The eagle-eyed among you may notice the "Stuff I watch" blogroll has been replaced with a large subset of my RSS feeds displayed in Grazr.

NewsGator, my aggregator, publishes my RSS feeds as an OPML file. So it was a simple matter to load this into a text editor, TextPad in my case, and remove the private feeds. I stuck the resulting OPML file online and pointed this blog to it.

You’ll find that stuff like Hugh Macleod‘s cartoons get truncated by the narrow window size – best to click on the heading if you want to see the original post. Otherwise, it’s a great way of seeing, in real time, what my influencers are up to.

Update: If you click on the top right icon, you can open Grazr in a new window and resize it to suit the content you want to read. Silly me. I should have realised. Sorry.

3 thoughts on “Okay Grazr, you win!

  1. Very cool Mr T, of course if you click the top right icon in the grazr you pop the window up and can widen the window to browse all those sites in a mini newsreader…including hugh’s cartoons

  2. Well, thank you both for your comments. I must have been half asleep not to have thought of that.
    Something I didn’t mention (because of the restricted space) was that you can click on the other icon at the top of the Grazr window and get an outline view.
    I see I’ve lost the header lines in the OPML – off to correct it.

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