Sentiment analysis from Corpora

I met the exceedingly nice Orlando Plunket Greene a couple of weeks ago. He explained all about his software/service which assesses the sentiment of an author from their written material. I used it recently to track the mood of journalists writing about net neutrality. It was interesting to watch the moving average as it drifted down towards neutral.

Since I met with Orlando, his company, Corpora has announced a $500,000 deal to embed the software in the infrastructure of a global news vendor this year. I have no idea who the client is but I expect we’ll find out soon.

If you want more on sentiment analysis and Corpora’s particular expertise, you might find my column at Information World Review of some use.

One thought on “Sentiment analysis from Corpora

  1. I guess that will tag Corpora with some positive sentiment analsyses 🙂
    David, thank you for your insights into Sentiment Analysis. Sounds like FAST and all the categorization space could get onto that wave for a nice ride with Brand Managers, Lawyers, Politicians, Risk managers, and more.
    Thank you!
    Arnaud Fischer

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