Personality traits and fonts

My thanks to Trevor Cook for news of research by Wichita State University about the personality traits suggested by the fonts people use.

I was about to post a table of results. Then I read the fearsome copyright terms. So I’ve had to delete it.

They can’t mind me taking a couple of examples, even if they are out of context: Arial is used by stable but unimaginative people while Rage Italic is chosen by unstable but exciting people.

If you’re planning to make an impact with your next website, blog or brochure, you might want to consider what messages your fonts send out.

All we need now is a bit of research into text colours. Green anyone?

3 thoughts on “Personality traits and fonts

  1. Very interesting study. Unfortunately – I can’t find my favorite (Century Gothic) on the table that describes personality. I agree with you on colors. It would be interesting to see what they communicate.

  2. Interesting. When we were looking for a new BrainStorm logo, the designer chose Century Gothic. And we like it, so you’re in good company. Unless, it’s the cause of it being a bit of a niche program at the moment. (But we have plans!)

  3. Warm thanks for this pointer; brilliant! I’ve actually always used mood adjectives for fonts depending on the impression they’ve made on me.

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