Compact display of deep information with Grazr

This is an update to the earlier Grazr posting. Grazr allows the presentation of a lot of information in a very compact form. It comes close to BrainStorm‘s presentation, which made a lot of sense to me when I took a similar approach in 1981. Maybe that’s why I’m so supportive of Grazr.

Take a look for yourself. Grazr’s displaying a simple BrainStorm model in the left sidebar. Just click on an entry and it shows the next level. If the background is coloured, then there is deeper level stuff. Hyperlinks on a white background open with a left mouse click. On a coloured background, you need to right click and select the appropriate option from the context menu.

If you click on the ‘blogger’ entry, you will see ‘thinkerlog’. Click on that and you will see a live RSS feed. Click on that and the thinkerlog RSS feed flows into Grazr. The tiny window in the sidebar is not a good way to display the body of a blog post, but at the foot of each post you’ll find a hotlink to the original. I included the RSS feed to give you a feeling for the usefulness of Grazr. You, of course, can choose a more appropriate panel size for Grazr on a web page, for example.

If you’re going to experiment with Grazr, be careful to test your  work in different browsers. In general, Internet Explorer needs more space  than Firefox. And the pre-release version can only display one Grazr model per web page. This will change.

Because Grazr uses OPML, other OPML models can be sucked in in a similar way to an RSS feed. I haven’t got round to doing that yet. But the potential exists for Grazr to become a kind of "life aggregator".

Footnote: The previous blog post explains how we get BrainStorm models into OPML. We are working (right now) on adding a direct OPML output option to BrainStorm. We’ve been thinking about XML output for years. And OPML is XML compliant, so the time has come…

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