Old/New Media Skills

Well, it’s been quiet again. This time, it’s because I’ve been:

a) doing media skills work with a client in the wilds of Wiltshire

b) creating a new website for Press Here, the David Tebbutt/Martin Banks media skills brand

Here’s a sneak preview: http://www.presshere.com/newphindex.html

I tried to set out our stall simply and elegantly. Although it wasn’t always that easy. I’d get everything working beautifully in FireFox then discover that Microsoft marches to a different drummer. It was like wrestling a pig into submission.

Still, a few kludges later, I’m reasonably happy. It is almost entirely CSS driven, so design changes are relatively trivial.

I’ll add a few more bits and bobs before we go live with it.

If ‘growing spokespeople and messages’ is your bag, you may be interested in telling me what you need to know that I haven’t included.

I have left out loads of stuff that was in the old website http://www.presshere.com/. I hope it’s not a case of babies and bathwater.

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