Personal Computer World’s birthplace

Rifling around my desk, looking for a misplaced business card, I discovered this Polaroid picture of the Troubadour. It’s where Personal Computer World was born. The magazine was edited and laid out on a corner table. Steve England sold ads from the phone box outside. Angelo Zgorelec was the publisher and Meyer Solomon the editor. I got involved when the magazine was sold to Felix Dennis.

Update: Angelo dropped me a line as a result of hearing about this post. I have linked his name to a mini-bio and a photograph. (How come he’s older than me and has less grey hair?) The last he heard of Meyer (who’s about 70 now) was that he was living in Los Angeles. That particular trail has gone cold.

One thought on “Personal Computer World’s birthplace

  1. Nice picture – it reminds me on my first UK roundtrip to see what computer magazine publishers do in UK and whether we can cooperate …
    Take care!
    (publisher of CHIP 1978 – 1983)

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