PC History as it happened

Martin Banks and I (David Tebbutt) have been writing about personal computers and related topics since the late seventies.

It occurred to us that our archives might be of use to someone, somewhere, so I’ve added a search link in the left-hand column of this blog. We uploaded the text of 365 of our columns and features to the Press Here website some years ago. It seems a shame to just let them languish, unnoticed…

If you fancy a trip down memory lane or you’re researching PC history, feel free to dip in.

PARC, Sinclair, Jobs, speech recognition, artificial intelligence… it’s all there. Have fun.

3 thoughts on “PC History as it happened

  1. A slice of computing history

    A while back, Martin Banks and I web-published 365 columns and articles we wrote about the PC and related topics in the early 80’s. Artificial intelligence, Xerox PARC, Steve Jobs, IBM … all sorts of stuff. If you’re interested, click

  2. Teblog: PC History as it happened

    David Tebbutt has been writing about computers since, well, virtually the dawn of time. A while ago, David and Martin Banks posted uploaded a bunch of their old articles to one of their site, and this archive is now searchable

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