How to handle the press 101

It seems to me that we have pretty much completed an introductory ‘course’ in handling the press. Here are all the links so you can navigate to the posts fairly easily.

1 Know your readers – the most important people in the world
2 Hooking your emotions – this is what can make you blurt an indiscretion
3 Gimme the proof – supporting evidence is vital. Without it, you’re just hot air
4 Controlling the interview – 1 – the basics of keeping out of trouble and moving to a message
5 Controlling the interview – 2 – how to move away from danger and bring the journalist with you
6 Tricks to make you blurt – overview of the tricks that might be played on you
7 Message writing – this is about the underpinning messages: the drivers
8 A sense of perspective – words of reassurance, in case you’re worried
9 Being off-duty – you’re always on duty when on company business, even if it’s a party

If you have any requests or questions, please feel free to comment.


PS Don’t forget that a lot of this information will help you prepare for and engage in any important interview.

7 thoughts on “How to handle the press 101

  1. Tips for successful media relations

    If you’re a PR pro, you have your text books and you’ve done the training on how to relate to journalists and how to handle media interviews. Well, put those things away and take look at some sound advice from

  2. Great series David…very useful…however in your post ‘Tricks to make you blurt’ post you mention:
    Later on I’ll introduce some more tricks and counter-strategies.
    DId you post that yet or is that forthcoming…counter-strategies…he he he

  3. Well each of those (I think) discussed counter-strategies as well.
    Every time I thought I’d write some more, I reviewed the above list and decided it was pretty good. Best intentions and all that…

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